Welcome to Katons Labradors

Katon's Labradors is a hobby kennel located in Athens, Ga. approximately 75 miles northeast of Atlanta. I have a great love for this wonderful breed whose temperament makes it a wonderful hunting dog as well as a family companion. I've enjoyed this breed for more than 20 years and consider it the greatest breed out there.

A few things to consider in my opinion if asking if this is the right breed for you. Labrador's are very social and enjoy people's company and are certainly not a solitary breed. Thus, consider if you have the time for throwing balls in the yard, nice walks, and lots of loving. You'll get in return the same. They are energetic when younger so a nice fenced yard is good for them to run and play. (plus dig holes, chew shrubery, etc....but it's all part of being a puppy) Also, Labradors are a larger breed and can weigh upwards of 75 lbs. They are wonderful around children but need to be supervised. Not because of being dangerous, but because they want to play and don't realize they're as big as they are. Finally, they do shed so be prepared for dog hair. (They do have some nice dog brushes now though) Labradors make wonderful companions and you'll have a great addition and a devoted family member for many years to come.